Sam Beckman


These images were taken out the window while Maya drove us back home across the state, after spending time helping a friend through an intense experience. I picked up the camera just as a way to settle my mind, but the emotional depth that began to emerge surprised me. The long handheld exposures set aside crisp detail in favour of drawing out a deeper atmosphere from the landscape we were passing through. Now after more time, they seem to counterbalance the turbulent emotions and events we had been experiencing. These photographs are suffused with a quiet mystery, a gentle glow. They suggest that being immersed in nature can restore a sense of calm and composure, and reaffirm a hope for the future.

*** An exhibition of these photographs is planned at our Melbourne favourite, the Printmaker Gallery, for some time in 2022. It has been postponed from 2020 and 2021, and our thoughts are with everyone in Melbourne and beyond who are doing it tough in lockdowns. ***